Israel rabbi remarks on Palestinians ‘deeply offensive’: US

Just to be “fair”, this guy is another example of proof of God’s disinterest.

“May God strike them down with the plague along with all the nasty Palestinians who persecute Israel,” he said.

A Rabbi? He’s nobody’s teacher, he’s just a hate monger, like Glenn Beck. If God were really interested, “he” would be charging up some lightning bolts right now.

Maybe I’m being a bit harsh. There is a culture of hatred in Israel. Rabbi Yosef is just another Koolaid drinker duped by the amplified screeching of the Israeli Regressives.  I’m ashamed, as I know many good people in Israel are. We didn’t survive as Jews for 5,000 years by hating. I was brought up Jewish to respect everyone and even to forgive our oppressors. We drink on Purim to forget how much we hated and feared Haman, the “Hitler-esque” racist who called for our extermination in ancient Persia. I know Holocaust survivors who have forgiven the Germans for murdering their family. If they can do it, so can the citizens of Israel.

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  1. Asutania says:

    I don’t see much chance of us cghianng our ways.We’ve made our choice we’ve chosen money and comfort today over the planet’s future.No leader is going to be suggest making the hard choices needed. Hell, Carter just suggested we put on sweaters and he’s STILL being criticized

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