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Wal-Mart CEO: People Are “Running Out Of Money”

Wal-Mart, for better or worse, is big enough that they are an indicator of what’s going on around town. It’s not news that people are running out of money. It is news that the CEO of Wal-Mart noticed- that the situation is widespread enough that it is impacting the bottom line of the very store who’s target audience is people who have run out of money.

So, two things. One, the problem has an impact on a scale to attract the attention of the CEO of Wal-Mart.

Secondly- and this could get interesting- Now What? When Wal-Mart needs to produce a result, they have a lot of clout to call upon to do so. If it becomes in Wal-Mart’s best interest that a greater number of people have jobs and money- to spend at Wal-Mart, then what actions might it take?

Is this a game changer on some level?

(Things that makes us go, “hmmm”).

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