Fresh Turmeric Pickle

I found some fresh turmeric roots at the local Asian market, and being the brave soul that I am, I bought a small pack. I’ve never had it fresh. I love turmeric as a spice, and I’m intrigued by it’s medicinal properties.

20 Health Benefits of Turmeric (Yes, I know. It’s just a website. On the Internet. Not to be trusted. True. Start here and explore for yourself if you’re interested.)

Wondering what one does with fresh turmeric roots, I looked it up and found out that… like most things found in the produce section, Asian or otherwise, what you do with fresh turmeric roots is, you eat them. They actually taste and feel kind of like a mildly spiced, exotic carrot. Maybe a ginger-carrot. The pungent quality of the dried powder isn’t nearly so apparent fresh. It’s quite refreshing.

And then, looking up this recipe-

Enjoy Indian Food: Fresh Turmeric Pickle.

which looked interesting and easy, I learned that there is something called mango ginger too. I’ll have to see where to find some :).

It’s nice to be reminded just how interesting the world is. There is always something new to discover, and when it’s food, well, talk about heaven on earth!

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  1. brian mckinney says:

    Bernie, i’m very impressed with all of the work you have done making this available. i just had time to readthe article re mass psychosis but very interesting, esp the future xombieland it portends. i am working on two characters, one a fox news prosleytizer/real estate salesman and a throwback fifties futurist wearing grey flannel suit and felt shaped fifties hat. im trying to isolate what is humorous from what is probing, inventive. perhaps the role of architect/civil engineer employed by Fox in a joint venture with Fema? then go mega colbert? Outrage, revenge, ridicule, falsification, these are the tools of fascism that Fox uses, why not plug into those, you know, quote convenient data, tables, stats of all kinds, promote things like mega thorazine for temper tantrums, healthy junk food, racist assumptions, what the american people wont stand for, that kind of thing. perhaps a blend of those ideas with the original modest proposal that Swift wrote, delivered with combo smile/outrage.

    i trouble shot the presentation and had to go buy some more equipment, but now it works. i will do the projector trou shoot and begin working the piece monday–too bad no music but for now i need to get my act together, not worry about you and fitting in. we can figure out many historical arrangements re troubador troops-we need Robert to shave and get his beauty ass out there for the counterpoint to girl dancer or whatever–dont say anything to him, wait, does he read your website’s stuff? nah, hes a kid, what was i thinking? got to go. feel the breeze. Brian

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