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This from Noam Chomsky. If he hadn’t said this, I would have. In fact, I’ve been saying it all along as well. Including the part about the 70’s.

I’ve never seen anything quite like the Occupy movement in scale and character, here and worldwide. The Occupy outposts are trying to create cooperative communities that just might be the basis for the kinds of lasting organizations necessary to overcome the barriers ahead and the backlash that’s already coming.

That the Occupy movement is unprecedented seems appropriate because this is an unprecedented era, not just at this moment but since the 1970s.

via Occupy The Future — In These Times.

I’m very excited about this movement. We’ve been out on the street corners of sleepy Sherman Oaks, Ca. Flashing peace signs and smiles at the cars driving by, holding our signs with their pithy slogans. I mean, it’s kind of quaint here in the Valley, but we are representing this world-wide, transformative movement. As one great sign I saw in the news said, “The Beginning is Near!”

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