Social Media Activism, or, Power To The People

Social Media Activism…

I think this is the forgotten essence of the “free market”. Unfortunately, what usually passes for the “free market” is really the “corporate market”. Here we have the “people’s market”. We all contacted these companies and told them that we would shop elsewhere if they continued to advertise with Rush Limbaugh. Key words… $hop elsewhere. Due to the new powers of social media, it’s working, and it’s working fast.

EXCLUSIVE: 140 Companies Drop Advertising From Rush Limbaugh [Update: 142]

I find it interesting that some of the reactionary (regressive, Republican) commentary on the news sites lately has been things like, “Well, I guess I’ll just cancel my order for my new Honda (one of the many companies withholding their advertising). So there!”

As if that were some sort of payback. No- that’s doing the right thing. If you don’t like what Honda does or doesn’t do, don’t buy their product. Of course…. that’s the whole point. There’s no “payback” involved, no “so there”. This is Democracy at it’s finest, and it’s ironic that some of the players don’t see that.

If enough people don’t buy Honda’s because they’re withholding their advertising from Limbaugh’s show, well, then, Honda might need to reconsider…. however, I have a strong feeling that WAY more people were offended by Rush than support him in this.

Some of the other recent victories for Social Media Activism… Susan G. Komen’s dissing and withholding of funds for Planned Parenthood and subsequent retraction, stopping the SOPA. And now, the travesty and tragedy of Trayvon Martin’s murder- it’s gone international in a very short time, and I would be very surprised if there isn’t a reconsideration of those sick Shoot First and Ask Questions Later laws. We’re just not standing for the bullshit any more, and now we have the means to do the right thing.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE is beginning to have real meaning.

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