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Confusion Reigns on The Road to The Light

Confusion and darkness
On the road to the light,
Not even clear blackness
That comes from the night.

Thinking, "Why bother?"
And hope disappears.
One's dreams and one's passions
Are dimmed by the years.

The future seems bleak now,
Nowhere to get to.
Love just a memory,
A fade beyond blue.

In confusion lies Chaos,
From which God made Creation.
"Let there be Light! It's good!"
He said with elation.

"My people can do this,
Create light from confusion.
I won't tell them how though.
They'll prefer the illusion

That life is a crapshoot."
That the best we can hope for
Is to take what we get.
To survive- not much more.

But now we awaken
And discover the power
To have life that we love
And to let our soul flower.

Fulfillment awaits you,
You know God's a "good cook".
And true love- you'll find it,
If you know where to look.

You've found the key now,
That opens all doors.
The future is colorful,
'Cause the paintbrush is yours.

To Liz

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